For savvy entrepreneurs who need a strategic operations professional to expertly run the back-end of their businesses so they can scale without sacrificing their health or burning out to make it happen

When you became an entrepreneur, you hoped the journey would include location, time AND financial freedom. While you’ve achieved some of those things, it feels like you’re running a marathon without GPS while trying to juggle 10 balls. Whew! That’s rough. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Visionary CEOs, can you relate to any of the following?

  • Do you know the general direction your business is headed and a few of your biggest priorities, but you don’t have a detailed, written strategic plan? You’re simply doing the next thing in front of you, hoping the dart you throw hits the bullseye.

  • Are there areas of the business that are nearly ignored because there aren’t enough hours in the day?

  • Are you doing too many things that aren't your strength and you don't enjoy?

  • Do you need to hire help, but aren't sure which position to hire next, or don't have time to hire?

  • Do you wish the back-end of your business was more efficient or organized? Is your client experience or team communication suffering because of it?

You’ve tried so many things to juggle all the competing priorities.

  • Hired help only to realize it wasn’t as good of a fit as you thought it’d be… or they left after a few months

  • Succumbed to shiny object syndrome and spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars - just one more tech tool will finally get your business in order

  • Signed up for yet another mastermind for advice about how you should run your business so you have the freedom you long for