Wellness Business Services

Supporting You to Help More People, Save Time, Reduce Stress and Increase Sales

Improve the health and wellness of as many people as possible while achieving the freedom you crave.

To make the biggest impact possible, you need to focus on getting and serving clients.

The more money you make, the more you can contribute to collective world change. In doing so, do you feel overworked, overwhelmed, stressed (hello, cortisol) and not loving everything you’re doing?

  • Are you trying to do all the things on your own?

  • Do you love working with your clients but despise the back-end administrative work?

  • Do you wish you were more organized?

  • Does social media feel like a huge time suck?

  • Does your website or blog need to be updated but you just can’t seem to find the time to do so?

Are you ready to:

  • Breathe a sigh of relief (yes, let that stress go) as you release the tasks you don’t enjoy - making room for what you LOVE, what makes your soul feel ALIVE!

  • Cross a few things off your to-do list...without having to do them (Hell, yes!)

  • Finally have time to take a vacation to that place that’s been on your bucket list for ages

  • Have your back-end operations running like clockwork

Regardless of whether you want to scale your business to the next level, have the biggest program launch your business has experienced to-date, or have a successful wellness retreat in an exotic, tropical location, the heart behind everything you do is to serve people so they can win in their health! Health is foundational for everything we do as human beings. Without it, it’s very difficult to have fulfilling, active and happy lives.

How do other business owners seem to have it all together? How do they balance it all? The truth is, they have help…and lots of it

You’ve tried so many things to juggle all the competing priorities.

  • Downloaded so many freebies looking for the obscure, unicorn tip that will increase your productivity so you can stop working 12+ hour days

  • Scoured the internet researching what all the gurus say about how you should run your business so you have the freedom you long for

  • Signed up for tons of training to learn the skills that aren’t your strong suit

  • Succumbed to shiny object syndrome and spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars - just one more tech tool will finally get your business in order

What’s the solution?

You need someone to come alongside you to support your business and goals! You need someone that’s:

  • Knowledgeable about health and wellness

  • Caring - genuinely wants you and your clients to succeed

  • Committed to continuing education

  • Invested - will treat your business as their own

  • Organized

  • Resourceful problem solver

  • Self-motivated - no hand-holding required

  • Skilled - executive-level support

Teri Clanton has over 17 years of administrative experience, mostly serving c-suite executives. She’s worked remotely for about 8 years as needed, including 3 years offering customer support for a meal planning service. 

Teri has updated websites on various platforms for about 8 years. Also, she is the administrator of a local autoimmunity Facebook support group with over 600 members and a former moderator for a meal planning Facebook group with over 14,000 members.

Continuing education is very important to Teri. As such, she became a Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) through the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) in 2014 and qualified for recertification in 2019. She also is an Asana Certified Pro.

You can learn more about her on the About page.

“I hired Teri to assist with a project and couldn’t have been happier with my decision. Prior to starting she took time to listen to my needs, concerns, and ideas. She was attentive, thorough, and communicated throughout the process. She was not afraid to ask question to ensure the job was done correctly. The work was completed quickly and took a huge stress off my lap. Look forward to working with her again in the future!”

Kristina Risola, MA, CRC, CHWC

Wellness Business Services’ mission is to support your passion for a healthier world.

We’ll take care of the administrative tasks, Facebook management, social media support and website/blog updates, so you can get back to what you love - helping people improve their health!

You’ve worked so hard! You deserve to do what you love again!

This Is The Right Fit For You If:

  • You’re in the health and wellness industry, such as (but not limited to): health coach, counselor, or nutritionist.

  • You can communicate your needs and goals.

  • You’re ready to let go of some control so someone can support your business. 

  • You’re willing to invest a little time in the beginning (to provide info needed so we can assist) to reap big time savings in the end.

  • You have some flexibility and can wait until our office hours to receive a response to your message. (See the FAQs for our office hours.) We’ll do our best to respond as soon as possible - usually within 24 hours, except on weekends. We have a contingency plan for true emergencies.

  • You're ready to collaborate as a team.

This Isn’t A Good Fit If:

  • You aren’t in the health and wellness industry.

  • You haven’t decided on your goals and you’re all over the place; can’t communicate what you need help with or what you want the end product to be/look like.

  • You’re holding your business tight-fisted and unwilling or unable to let go of some tasks.

  • You aren’t willing or can’t invest time in the beginning to provide log-ins, brand info, or other necessary info so we can serve your needs.

  • You want someone on-call nearly 24/7.

  • You have an employer/employee mindset when working with a virtual assistant. (A virtual assistant is an independent business owner, not an employee, that’s dedicated to your success.)

Admin Services

Email & Calendar Management

(including customer service/client emails)

  • Minimum 50 emails per month

  • Coordinate meetings and create calendar appointments as needed based on emails

  • Set-up and maintain email organizational system based on client's preference

  • Reply to emails and any that require your response will be brought to your attention

Starting at $225 per month

Client Onboarding/Offboarding &
CRM Database Management

  • Minimum 5 clients per month

  • Onboard and offboard clients

  • Set-up client in CRM database
  • Collect completed pre-questionnaire (if applicable)
  • Set-up the client portal & email client to give them access (if applicable)
  • Send welcome email (if applicable)
  • Send invoice(s) and make sure they’re paid; send reminder email(s) as needed
  • Request testimonial upon completion of working together
  • Run monthly report(s)

Starting at $475 per month

Miscellaneous Administrative Support

  • Research

  • Podcasting, guest blogging, or speaking opportunities
  • Tools/systems to improve operations or reduce cost
  • Vendors
  • Develop SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

  • Order client gifts, flowers, etc.

  • Order office supplies

  • Organize digital files

  • Organize receipts for taxes

  • Project management

  • Retreat/event planning

  • Travel planning

  • And more...

Contact for custom quote

Social Media Services

Facebook Page Post Scheduling

  • Client provides all content (copy, photos, videos, etc.) and responds to all comments and messages

  • Monthly page data report

  • Review Facebook analytics to see what time of day your followers are on to determine best time to post

  • Schedule posts using native Facebook scheduler or scheduling tool you're already using


  • 3 times per week $59 per month

  • 5 times per week $76 per month

  • 7 times per week $87 per month

Add-On Services

  • Facebook Stories (client provides content)

Facebook Group Management

  • Minimum 50 group members

  • Admin/moderate group (including blocking inappropriate comments or members)

  • Approve member requests

  • Develop monthly content calendar

  • Monthly analytics report

  • Review analytics to learn about your members, find out when's the best time to post, etc.

  • Reply to comments, questions and messages

  • Schedule content (graphics, text, stickers, etc.) a minimum of 3 times per week using content you provide or content created by a sub-contractor; Teri will do all of the work besides content creation unless agreed upon otherwise up-front.

  • Triage inappropriate comments and members, or those in violation of posted group rules

Starting at $350 per month

Social Media Support

  • Like comments

  • Monthly analytics report for all platforms

  • Respond to all private/direct messages, comments and questions on all of your social media and search engine platforms, including groups, pages, Pinterest and YouTube

  • Triage inappropriate comments, followers, members, etc. or those in violation of posted rules

Starting at $150 per month

Website/Blog Services

Squarespace or WordPress Updates

  • Make basic requested updates (no theme changes or coding)

  • Post recipes, blog articles, etc. - Minimum 1 per week

  • Client provides recipes, copy, etc.
  • Find graphics to accompany blog posts

  • Client pays for individual images or subscription to an image library; free images will be used when applicable to the subject matter, if desired
  • Reply to blog comments

  • Research keywords and add to blog posts

Starting at $300 per month or contact us for a one-time project based quote


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