Below are some resources that will enhance your business. I only recommend courses, services and systems that I have used and know will make your life much easier!

Affiliate links and codes are used below at no additional cost to you. In some cases, you get a better price when using these links or codes.


Asana is a fantastic project management tool! You can: increase collaboration, reduce or eliminate internal emails and status update meetings, meet deadlines, simplify workflows, streamline work requests, monitor a project status in real time, manage your team’s workload and more.

For special pricing:

  1. Log into Asana or create a FREE account at
  2. If you need to create a free account, click “Get Started” under the Basic plan.
  3. Go to
  4. Enter coupon code tericlanton2610
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All-In-One Design Tool

Canva Pro combines a range of complex tools into one comprehensive, easy-to-use platform—from stock photos to templates, fonts, file sharing and print. Canva makes design simple!

You can start with the free plan (limited features) or sign up for a free Pro trial to test it out.


Namecheap is a fantastic place to get a domain for your company’s website, a new product or service you’re launching and more. They frequently have sales and promotions. Check out their latest deals today.


SiteGround is a website and e-commerce hosting service. It is built on the best available technologies combined with their unique solutions created in-house. This powerful hands-on approach will make your site faster, safer and easier to manage. 

It’s one of the most stable hosting services on the market, which means less down time, if any, for your site. It simply works!

Disclaimer: I earn a small commission when you use the affiliate links or coupon codes above, which allows me to buy more hiking gear. There’s no additional cost to you. In some cases you get a better deal! Can I get a “Hell, yeah!”, from all my frugal friends? Lol! 🙂 


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