Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A Director of Operations / Online Business Manager is a self-employed consultant that helps entrepreneurs run their businesses more efficiently, and increase impact and profit. They manage the day-to-operations (or back-end) of the business so the CEO can focus on work only they can do. See the Services question below for more specifics on what a Director of Operations does.
  • It creates space for the work you love – partnering with your clients to create long-lasting health improvements, whether emotionally, mentally or physically!
  • It saves time! Employee paperwork for medical insurance, taxes, worker’s comp, annual reviews, etc. is very time consuming!
  • It costs less. Eric Koester of MyHighTechStart-Up, says “estimates range from 1.5x to 3x of salary for the ‘fully-baked’ cost of an employee – the cost including things like benefits, taxes, equipment, training, rent, etc.” If you hire a Director of Operations for $100,000, the actual cost is $150,000 – $300,000! You can hire a skilled Director of Operations / Online Business Manager for less!
  • Schedule a free introductory call. We’ll chat about your business and see if we’re a good fit.
  • If everything’s in alignment, we’ll send you a contract and invoice. Once both are completed, we’ll begin working together.
    • If we’re working on a 1-time project, 50% is due up front before the work begins. Why? This reserves your spot on our calendar. Also, this is standard practice in the industry to avoid not getting paid for services rendered. (Sadly, that happens too often.) Payment #2 (50%) will be due after the work is complete.
    • If we’re working together on retainer, the entire invoice is due up front because we’re reserving a large amount of time on our calendar for your business, which impacts any additional projects and clients we decide to book. 
  • Share log-ins with us necessary to complete the work through a secure system. 
  • We’ll communicate if there are questions. Depending on the project or retainer, we may have a weekly or monthly meeting.
  • We’ll send you a short questionnaire. We welcome your testimonial and feedback on how we did and how we can continue to improve!

We work hard to serve your business remotely (online) with the following services:

  • Strategic Mapping™ aka Strategic Planning so you have clarity, direction and a plan for the next 12 months
  • Strategy sessions to flesh out your next big idea or deal with a challenge
  • Hiring contractors or employees that are the right fit
  • Team management – delegate tasks and make sure quality work is done on time
  • Program launch or project management – strategize and plan the entire project, delegate tasks, create and manage the budget, 
  • Business analytics/data so you can make empowered, informed decisions
  • Tech system set-up and optimization for a better client experience, improved communication and increased efficiency
  • Get more details here.
  • We primarily serve the health and wellness industry, such as, but not limited to: chiropractors, counselors, functional medicine practitioners, health coaches and nutritionists. We understand the nuances of having a health-focused practice/business. 
  • We also serve businesses in nearly any industry with Strategic Mapping (Strategic Planning) and Strategy Sessions.
  • We’re passionate about health and wellness! Teri Clanton, founder of Wellness Business Services, found her calling and a community of like-minded people as she worked hard to improve her health. Together we’ll contribute to collective, positive change in the world!
  • Our experience includes:
    • Certified Director of Operations – an in-depth program that covered: strategy, hiring, organizational design (which position to hire next), management/leadership, project management, financial review, business analytics and more
    • Former Asana Certified Pro
    • Former Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) by IAAP
    • About 2 decades of administrative experience, mostly supporting c-suite executives
    • About 10 years of experience working remotely
    • Administered and moderated Facebook groups for 6+ years with up to about 20,000 members
    • Managed projects with budgets of about $100,000
    • Assisted with events (in-person and online) for 9+ years
  • Altruism, customer service, excellence, transparency, honesty and good communication are at the heart of everything we do. We only succeed when you do!
  • Learn more about us here.

We serve businesses that choose to operate in-person, online or a hybrid of the two. There are unique considerations for each business model. We welcome the opportunity to serve your business remotely (online) regardless of your chosen model.

  • We’re located in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA) in the central time zone.
  • We can serve any English-speaking entrepreneur remotely regardless of location. Time zones will be considered if the work needs to be done during certain hours. We can serve clients in the following countries, but not limited to: Australia, Canada, Europe, Guam, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Philippines and USA. Digital nomads and expats are welcome.
  • Monday through Friday from 10 am – 6 pm CT
  • Work may be done at other times besides this, but this is when we’ll respond to emails or messages. We aim to respond within 24 hours during the week (Mon-Fri). If there’s an urgent matter or true emergency, we have a contingency plan to respond quickly.
  • Let us know what your concerns are so we can work through them together! We understand that your business is deeply personal and an extension of yourself. You worked very hard to create and grow it. You put your heart, soul, passion and maybe some tears into it! We respect that and will handle your business as if it is our own! 
  • Communication is so important! We’ll come to you with any questions and make sure we’re on the same page in terms of goals, expectations and due dates. Also, we can schedule a regular meeting to remain in sync with one another.
  • If you’re unsure of the process to work with a Director of Operations, see that question and answer above.
  • Please be open with us about what happened so we can tailor our processes to your comfort level. Communication, excellence, honesty and transparency are very important to us! Trust is earned over time based on repeated positive experiences. We’ll work hard to earn your trust and treat your business as our own!
  • Click here. Select a date and time that works best for you. The meeting will last about 30 minutes. (We know you’re busy and want to respect your time.) We look forward to meeting you!

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