CEOs, are you looking for an Operations Pro to manage the day-to-day so you can scale the business and help more clients without burning out?


Teri Clanton founded Wellness Business Services to provide Operations, Management & Strategy to 6-7 figure health and wellness businesses.

As a functional or integrative medicine practitioner, nutritionist, counselor, health SaaS leader or health professional, you give your all to support the health and wellness of your clients and patients, but who’s supporting your well-being?

Your passion inspires your health and wellness work. But the day-to-day chores of running your business can drain the joy out of it.

Has your online or in-person practice grown and you no longer have time to handle your operations? Do you loathe the management, details and organizational aspects of your job or find yourself falling behind on these tasks? 

Hiring a full-time employee is very expensive! Considering insurance, retirement, paid time off, office space, equipment, training and more, it’s no surprise an employee costs generally 1.5-3 times the employee’s annual salary!* A contractor is a much better choice!

Perhaps you’ve never worked with an Online Business Manager / Director of Operations, or tried one but didn’t find someone you could trust, with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the field.

Wellness Business Services can help you:

  • Free up your time and energy, allowing you to increase your income and make a bigger impact on the world

  • Reduce stress and overwhelm

  • Feel reinvigorated about the work you do

  • Reduce costs compared to the price of a full-time employee

*Source: Eric Koester of My High Tech Start-Up

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